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The Creative City Centre is the first project of Inner Circle Creative City Development Corp., a non-profit organization with a mandate to transform underutilized buildings into spaces for artists to create, work, connect and live to increase quality of life and foster community growth and prosperity.  The growth of Regina’s creative economy depends on the ability of creative entrepreneurs to access affordable work space, educational opportunities, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other like minded, passionate people.  If you have a space that you would like to bring to our attention, please give us a call!  If you have any interest in investing in our projects, give us a call at 306.546.5565!  Or better yet, come see what we are creating at the Creative City Centre.

The Creative City Centre is a creative hub in the downtown area that will give artists a space to create and collaborate, and will engage the community in arts and culture through a myriad of new programming and activities.