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Let the games begin!  When you attend an outstanding event at Artesian on 13th, Artful Dodger Café & Music Emporium, or the Creative City Centre, collect a Take It All In stamp on the appropriate square.  The event must cost $5 or more.  You are a winner when you complete this month’s bingo pattern.

APRIL and MAY’s PATTERN:  a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line across five squares OR four corners!
THE CATCH:  you must receive at least one stamp from each venue (not necessarily in your winning line).

Take it all in!  Attend fantastic events all month.  For a complete listing of events at all three venues, check out our monthly calendar.  Bring your winning BINGO! card to any of the three venues to collect your prize.

Download your BINGO card here!

Once you have printed your bingo card you need to fold it! Fold it in half so the printed sides are facing out. Then fold the bingo card over itself.  You now have your bingo card!

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