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There is a very vibrant and active music community in Saskatchewan.  Recording artists like Belle Plaine, The Deep Dark Woods, B.D. Willoughby, Lil Miss Higgins, Eileen Laverty, We Were Lovers, Rah Rah, Library Voices, and The Lazy MKs are just a few of the artists who have come out of Saskatchewan in recent years.  They are being joined by emerging artists like Danny Goertz, Kacy & Clayton, Descalso, Andino Suns, Jeans Boots, Nick Faye, Alexis Normand, Andy Shauf…the list truly goes on and on.  These artists need venues to play, and our venues offer a dedicated concert experience at three different levels of capacity.  For the emerging artist or artists seeking an intimate concert experience, the Creative City Centre has a capacity of 50 people, perfect for singer/songwriters or lesser-known artists.  The Artful Dodger Café & Music Emporium will have a capacity of 125 people, appropriate for artists who have begun developing a track record, who have some experience and some market exposure already.  And the Artesian on 13th, with its capacity of 200, is an ideal venue for artists who can attract a larger audience, while retaining the intimacy of a smaller concert hall.

Saskatchewan artists need venues to perform, to develop their fan base; grow their audiences; to sell their CDs; to attract the attention of local broadcasters; to gain exposure through print media.  None of these things can be achieved without venues for performance.  To develop the Saskatchewan music industry, there must be opportunities for artists to perform.  And for artists to perform, to sustain these quality venues, there must be an audience.  Our three venues are excellent live music stages, offering intimate settings and pristine acoustics designed specifically for effectively showcasing musical talent.

The Creative City Centre came up with the idea to implement a joint marketing initiative to pool our resources and working together to market our music concerts, together we can succeed in growing a music audience that will result in increased ticket sales for all of our performances. It will contribute to the development of our venues as sustainable operations, providing much needed performance space for emerging and established recording artists.  It will also help to develop the next generation of music audience, as our venues are all-ages and family friendly.  It also helps to promote cooperation and resource sharing between the venues, instead of cultivating a competitiveness that would pit one venue against the other.

Come check out a show and take it all in!


We would like to thank the Saskatchewan Arts Board for their support with this initiative.